About Office Systems Installation, Inc.

We are centrally located in Rockford, Illinois.  We offer experienced installation of all panel systems and free standing office furniture, roller file systems such  and more, such as: 


* Trained and certified installation crews

* Skilled on the furniture and systems products of all major manufacturers

* Years of in-house installation experience

* Disassembly and reassembly of existing furniture

* Internal moving and office reconfigurations

* Modification of existing systems to meet new needs and fit client demands.

Office furniture used to be just desks, files and chairs. Times have certainly changed! Today's ever-expanding range of office furniture systems products offer customers an unparalelled range of customizable options to fit any solution. These systems also present a range of complexities that can confuse even the most skilled architects, contractors and carpenters. That is where our installation staff enters the picture.

The installation staff of Office Systems Installation Inc. offers an unmatched level of skill and experience in office furniture systems installations. Our installation staff has worked with the products of all major manufacturers and will work to ensure your system's installation is on-time and on-budget.

Our installation staff, working with our design department, will assist you in value-engineering a solution for your office furniture needs that will save your money without reducing functionality. We can also assist you in establishing product specifications for your upcoming product and ensuring the product you want meets the requirements of the solution you need for your new office.

Installation services doesn't stop with new product. Our installation staff can assist you with getting the most use out of your existing product. We can assist you with office moves and reconfigurations. Our installation staff, working with the design team, can inventory your existing product, then design a solution that re-uses the existing product to create a new environment at minimal expense.

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